Sunday, December 27, 2009

1 to 10

Wan Anis Sofia. i took this from ur page :)


first best friend: Bazrul shazri. he's a famous b boy dancer now :)
first item you stole: keychain in the bookshop in my primary school -_-
first pet: Ciko. kucing mati sebab tua :(
first piercing: Never. Dun even think to get one.
first school: Tadika Perpaduan Kuching.Sarawak
first house location: Taman Jumidar Buyong.Pulau Labuan Sabah
first crush: Fatina Aysya. my classmate when i was in standard one.
first kiss: Someone I know since I was in form 1
first car: hotwheels

last time you smoked: few minutes ago
last food you ate: capati
last movie you watched on dvd at home: the ugly truth
last movie you watched at the cinema: stomp warriors
last text message: From Nur Alyani Nazirah, contents are private and confidential.
last music video u saw: Steve Aoki - Wrap
last song you listened to: Superman. the lucky laki
last words you said: its 5.05 am and im tired ;(

dated a best friend: nope.
been arrested: yes! 2 years ago.
been on TV: yes. choclair advertisment. extra je tapi :)
eaten sushi: Yeah. few months ago. Yucks!
cheated on your BF/GF: define cheat.
been on a blind date: uh no.
been out of the country: uh yes.
been in love: yes.but no longer.


1. t shirt
2. boxer
3. itu je.
4. -
5. -
6. -
7. -

1. laughed
2. met friends.
3. went to curve teman fiera.
4. table talk with mom
5. kacau adik
6. today nothing much i buat

1. Shoes
2. Planes
3. Cars
4. Karaoke
5. You!

1. Mom
2. Dad
3. sisters
4. brothers

1. Get married
2. Buat Haji
3. Taubat

to date a beautiful lady or 7 pair of shoes? i choose shoess! sumpah!

Fazura. enuff said

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

lain dah

bestfriend. mana u pergi dah sekarang ? :(

tak best da macam ni.

habis dah


hello people.

i was out the whole day today. keluar rumah from 3 plus and got back home at 3 am plus plus jugak . damn! letih super letih.but it was fun. jumpa ramai orang. takboleh kira dgn jari. haha.**gile tipu.

i was in shah alam. and damansara and shah alam balik and damansara last sekali.

i met syahir and musya sekali. duduk story moly dekat rasta for like 3 hours macam tu. together with Aj and Ice. :) fun and fun.itu dia!

and to You!

a reaally BIG thank you for you! i really love ur art work. so cute.and so manisss macam madu lebah asli! grr~ the 1st one u gave me before this, ada lagi dalam my car sampai sekarang .

i know its hard for us to see each others after this because u will continue with ur study and im gonna start my degree soon. :( i want u to take care and behave yea.

she gave me this <3>a heart shape badge and carkey kechain :) my nick name! :)check this out. my car plate number. :) WJE28.


chocolate cake too :) gossh.saya suka :) kawan saya pun suka! tq!

pelik,time aku dah plan hari aku macam hari ni la,ramai gile nak jumpa and ajak lepak sampai tak boleh layan semua.time aku bosan takde pulak orang -_-


i cant believe im saying this,i miss jengka. :(


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sekeping nota.

i was shocked but nvm.

imy you know.

cupcakes nak satu!

=/ avdw


Monday, December 21, 2009


i need to change my tidur time. tiap tiap hari pun tidur subuh bangun lewat.kadang kadang tengahari,kadang kadang petang. I can be crazy if forever like this. yes i know.

what else i can do nowdays. malam try tidur awal but i failed to do so. end up,tengok movie la,online la. saya sangat risau dengan keaadaan sekarang ini. :( is this a sign of me getting insomnia? :(

well ,enuff of that. during weekends that day, i went to ZOO NEGARA yo! Zoo negara!!! okay,batak gile kan zoo negara nak kecoh.tapi well it was my first time after the last time i went there entah bile la.tadika ke before tadika. haha. so yeah,i went with my sisters and nephews and bro in was awesome. :) sangat semangat kekeluargaan aku rasa. :)

a nite bfore i was at NZ garden sampai pukul 3. balik rumah tidur for like 2 hours bangun.breakfast then terus pg around 8 plus.terbeliak beliak mata tengok mata hari pagi. tak biasa bgn pagi kan :) haha

so yeah,here are som pictures during the day. so tengok je la yeah. saya sayang my nephews :)

irham raiez and imtiaaz rayyan. ur uncle lovee korang damn much ! <333
;)beruang malayaflamingo.seladangmy second sister and her kids. she's 2 years older than me.memerang
and this one.i was walking and i saw this boy wearing this t shirt. perasan tak ini logo for apa? sepatut nye Jom Heboh. the carnival conducted by TV3 tapi ini agensi mana tah yang buat macam ni. haha. agak kreatif :) motif!


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Surat Tawaran

Alhamdulillah,setelah segala ketakutan yang melanda,rintangan yang datang.Akhirnya aku ditempatkan di Shah Alam. Aku sangat takut kalau UiTM ini cerdik sangat hantar aku pergi cawangan Arau ke,Melaka ke or Kelantan.satu hal lagi nak cari rumah sewa ke,pikir minyak lagi nak pergi sana.kan? Syukur aku dapat di Shah Alam.boleh ulang alik hari hari :) or ulang alik tiap tiap minggu kalau malas balik everyday. Woot woot!

time degree ni aku janji untuk
  • mencapai CGPA 3.0 keatas untuk first sem.kalau dekan.Alhamdulillah.
  • Bersosial lebih agar dapat kawan yang lebih ramai :) banyak faedah. haha.friends with benefits :)
  • Lebih tekun belajar,tak kisah la aku duduk mana.tapi boy pls,jangan main main lagi.test or quizes kena amik serious.before this bukan la tak serious.tapi last minute la biasakan :)
  • make sure abis kan on time :) tapi kalau nak repair pointer,kena la extend lagi kan. mintak di jauhkan pls.
  • im happy but yet entah.tak teruja pun.

apa apa pun im so glad dat they place in Shah Alam.senang sikit.tak payah aku ulang alik macam dulu kat Jengka.kan.
i want all my friends yeah aku dapat :)
Oi VC Abu Shah,nasib baik kau pandai pilih aku ! kalau kau letak aku kat arau or kelantan.memang aku pg office kau,aku gunting sebelah kau punya misai. sebelah lagi aku colour dengan water colour.!


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Asma Allah

Beautifully composed and performed.

It brought tears to my eyes.

MasyaAllah,this is beautiful.very calm.



Sunday, December 13, 2009


okay this is my 3rd time here.tido at 7am plus,bangun pukul 9 30.pecah gile baiiiiiii*ayat budak SP*

fetched atif and straight away went to naqi's house and met rin kat situ. naqi's mom cooked for us mee hoon goreng udang together with currypuff,plus shida brought mashed potato. :)

save duit makan. :) tolak pukul 12 sampai chamang macam one hour and a half after driving.

kiteorang mandi for 5 hours berenang la,terapung la,terjun2 la. :) it was great. plan mengejut made by Naqi a nite before .
mummy and daddy
yeahhh, just 5 of us.tapi macam 15 orang. we laughed like no one else business!
thanx to ATIF for these 2 pictures.nice editing! ure a great photographer!

been busy with activities lately.bestt <3



korang tau pepek? (minta maaf dengan kebenaran)
malam tadi aku terjumpe sorang minah indon ni kat kedai memujuk rayu supaya aku beli pepek dia...dia kata pepek dia baik lah...wangi lah...
bile aku buat muka tak caya dia siap bukak & bagi cium pepek dia...ishhh...memang wangi sehh...
tapi nasib baik aku tak termakan pujuk rayu dia.. bile aku keluar kan hp amik gambar dia lari pulak tu... tak percaya tengok sendiri ..ape nak jadi pun tak tau..

Pilihan Suami suami :)

**laughing out loud


what the F

apa bengong gile anak mat saleh ni .


Saturday, December 12, 2009

stolen moment.haha

oh damn,i saw this pic from asyraf's page aka kicap!

damn old skool.takde la old skool sangat kan.2 years back last year.

all i can say is,im missing this moment man. pusing pusing KL berlumba dengan kereta kuat syafiq Skyline GTR putra 1.8 hehe :) peace syafiq. :) went to Mailis makan lepak minum,ghost hunting,got chased by the Police,kena tangkap la,kena siasat la. all those moments time nakal nakal will be in my mind forever.ghadafi now working as chef in four season resort,syafiq b busy with his automotive school,dominic forever busyy with his car (lumba sana sini) the only chinese in this group,nas pablo busy with his practical,kicap kejap ada kejap takde,adie busy with his weed. haha,indera who rarely go out anymore. ouch,i miss u guys man! dats all i can say if u guys might read this.


Hakim's sister wedding again.

another tiring day today.

went for the wedding at shah alam.
went to curve after that with em.
we played bowling.

at the wedding TTP.whats dat? find out yourself

thanx to hakim for the invitation.and to jamboo,shaham,arriz,effendi,pet,kiki,yaya,and qila for the times u guys spent with me :) too many activities we've done together since 2003 i guess.eventho all of us we are from diff school but yes,u guys are my besties too.luckily u guys stay near by my house so dat i can see all of u everyday. and yeah , bowling was awesome. :) u guys pleassee,jangan KGB sangat boleh tak? :) peace!


this is how KD rolls :)

chamang waterfall here ill come tom !


Friday, December 11, 2009

Si crocs biru

si pemetik rambutan merah , yeah i petik rambutan kuning.

this is for you. on the same day,same time,but diff places :)

how cute.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

En Wan Hamzah's daughter

at 11.16 pm, haniss xoxo buzzed me tru YM. okayy memang nothing pun.

but i really appreciate u buzzed me tru YM sebab u orang paling payah i jumpa dekat YM. haha.

the last time was masa mula kenal2 kot :)
Wan Nursyaida Hanis bte Wan Hamzah
kawan baiikkkniii :) haha

pastu hilang tah.jumpa2 dekat msg tru phone je :)

haha,okay sangat gedik you and i malu malu depan our parents masa dalam lalaland. haha. i gelak okay! seriously i rasa ada cerita belakang mimpi ni !

YM= yahoo messenger incase tak tahu . haha. tapi i bet semua tahu! ;)

p/s : see i buat jugak :)






okay,tis time i really had fun.thanx guys !

terlalu bnyk emosi la korang


Wednesday, December 09, 2009





Catch up things je.

yeah. thanx to u guys . we shud do it more often.

best dapat lepak lama lama like we used to do in jengka last time.

standard la gossip la,kutuk la.apa la. biasa je.haha.

venue: damai at castle.
time : 9 pm to 12 am.

thanx jay,nisa and wooddy for the plan and time. and atif sebab teman aku :) it was nice to laugh macam orang gile dgn lawak lawak sekalian.

and nisa,sorry saya takde gambar banyak :(

nisa:seorang kawan yang sangat menghargai persahabatan and forever di situ bila dalam kesusahan. motivator yang sangat bagus. :) nasib baik kampung kite dekat.boleh main pantai. haha.

to jay: kawan yang tak pernah tak sokong apa aku buat ! it was sweet that u come to me over that girl . haha. u know who she is la kan.

well,used to see them every single days last time dekat campus but now,agak susah sikit. =/

love u guys.


Sunday, December 06, 2009


okay im totally confused now. why am i feeling this way when i actually shudnt. fish i hate this feeling. sangat merosak kan otak when ure keep thinking about it eventho ure trying to do other things to forget about it.


there are only 2 options

should i or shouldn't i?

so pls tell me.

im so sorry. sumtimes i even hate my self. :(

si pemetik rambutan merah : can u please say goodbye before u end the conversation?


Hakim's sister wedding

yeah again yesternight, haha ada such word ke yesternight? okay la.malam semalam im the chosen one to go to hakim's sister wedding at Dewan Perdana Felda.

well,wedding apa lagi yang best?

maakanan dia la :) plus the young ladies :P

and i met this gurl which is my friend who are actually hakim relativees. what a small world.she's my friend's bestfriend.


hakim giving speech to his sister :) comel gile speech dia. one of the line is " to kak ija,pls produce ur baby faster because i cant wait to be an uncle" okay the whole dewan gelak :PpPmelayu :)
rakan rakan hakim panda :)pengantin lelaki dan perempuan :)
camwhore yes we are

after that we went to damai for after party session. haha after party la sangat :)
then i went to hartamas met my other friends.
keluar je keje aku!