Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Need Air

Chak! ha,dah 2 hari tidur aku tak cukup.Been busy with exams sampai tidur untuk 2 jam pun takde . Ye lah paper sampai 2 hari straight,mendidih otak aku dibuat nye. :( azab for this 2 papers ended yesterday and alhamdulillah i managed to answer the paper very well.but seriously im exhausted rite now. kepala semua sakit. shaitt.

yesterday after paper i went to chamang waterfall in bentong with friends. Tempat dia agak menarik untuk picnic and camping.tak jauh sangat pun dari kl dalam sejam je. I think i shud come here again with friends from kl . here i will post some pictures of the waterfall. hhihi.*asal formal sangat ayat aku?*
the sign board

beautiful scene
the picnic place

But waterfalls can be dangerous

Wading Pool
Powerful currentsthe waterfall

im going off now. mandi then watching movie. daaa . :)


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