Tuesday, November 24, 2009

This post is for you

i pity you,because ure too nice,orang suka amik kesempatan kat you . nak je i pulas badan diaorang semua :)

known her since the day one she enter my college but kite tak pernah kawan baik till she went for intern then only we got to be a bit baik :)

dulu sombong :)

this is what we did after 1 hour plus plus of chatting. suppose to be only 30 mins. but haha. i kena marah dgn my friends because i was super late. but its okay. marah je :)

this is cute :)fiera :P

i didnt noe ure older than me :) haha. dia ni pg mana mana boleh ribut tempat tu. you know why la kan? :)

happy belated birthday Zafirah Saufi (",)

haha tetibe.



  1. super kawaiii..
    i love it..
    muahh!thanx boyy..;)
    we shud do diz again sumtimes..ngeee..

  2. im sure ure fiera !


    yeah we shud :P

  3. Hai fiera.

    Nama saya Mohammad Fairuz.

    (Boy, kirim salam beliau.)