Wednesday, January 27, 2010


i dunno why,lately,i dun have words to say anymore in my blog.even if i wanna write something but i end up tak jadi. what happen to me? pathetic. Life been busy with classes,assignments,events,programs, and everything.

oh yea.thankful,my classmates they are superb! totally superb :) the girls or the guys. and my niggas frens tooo! :P every day they never fail to make me laugh till i almost pee-ed in my pants.

lecturers,some are okay and some are not that okay. haha. no la,they are just strict.we are not allowed to come in late. no one can enter the class after she or he step in the class. okay aku dah kena sekali :) tak dapat masuk. end up aku pergi lepak dengan alia and idzwan :)

omaigod,i cant believe im saying this. i miss my jengka so much :( i miss the house,i miss housemates,i miss the peaceful environment,i miss the waterfall,i miss being late,i miss the food!,i miss all those lecturers who are really close to me where we can and go for a drink together,i miss walking around the campus and non stop saying "hi or bye" to everyone sebab kau mungkin kenal semua orang atau orang kenal aku.haha perasan,*kat sini,nak kenal satu bacth semua pun payah,apatah lagi budak fact lain",i miss my journey every weekends from KL to Jengka or Jengka to KL,i miss everything about jengka :(

Shah Alam sangat busy,sangat padat. tak relax :(
oh yea, KAMIL,next time pls dont come and sit next to me in all classes. we have to separate. asyik Gelak je keje kite. rosak otak.! takleh studyyy. kutuk kutuk budget best je. haha.

so fast January going to end soon.
cepat kan? korang tak rasa ke?

okay jam dah pukul 11.56pm and im so so so sleepppy. masuk bilik dulu! later (",)

boleh tak pecah kan hati ni jadi dua?


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