Thursday, January 21, 2010

I wish i can kiss u tru the phone but i cant.

My 10 wishes

  1. I wish to buy 10 shoes. too many too list in here
  2. I wish to be a Pilot. but how? my mom said,"kalau betul nak buat?, habis kan degree dulu" . Dalam hati " bila nye nak kerja,asyik belajar je"
  3. I wish to hit the dean's list this sem. Amin. :) but let say tak dapat,i wanna make sure my CGPA will be above 3.00
  4. I wish to have a very quality and productive life this year. Everyday pun i pikir pasal my future. I need to do something bout it.
  5. I wish to buy an Iphone. but i hate touch screen maybe ill go for BB or E71 :) Gadgets are nothing much for me.
  6. I wish to get a new car. Myvi? i wont go for 2 doors car.
  7. I wish to be better person. Obviously la kan?
  8. I wish.. Its going to be almost 3 years already. I think the time is here now.
  9. I wish to be honest to myself.No more prentending,no more more lying. I dont want things to get even worse.
  10. You.

Nama pun wish kan. So mmg semua benda di atas.susah nak dapat. biar la. aku syok sendiri. too honest.stupid.!

im sleepy

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