Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Pagi hangit

feel really bad and guilty because i had a fight with parents this morning :(

i didnt wake up for my morning class. 3 times straight in a row i didnt attend this class. semua pun terlajak tidur.

i've already told my mom to wake me up during the fajr or subuh. and she asked me to sleep early.yes very early.11.45pm,im on my bed already.few minutes later, i fell asleep.

and what happened? no one wake me up pun. i opened my eyes,look at the clock,its 9.30 am. and i was like. " shiiiit "! i went into my mom's room. and start asking these and these. ayah ,he said it was my fault.i should tell everyone even my maid to wake me up. coz mama normally busy during morning.have to send my adiks to school.,to wake them up and things like that.

and mama cakap,it was my fault too,sebab i didnt provide her my class jadual. pelik la. bilee bergaduhh. anak mesti kalah. dat time la.semua alasan diaorang bagi. i cant stand anymore ,i was too mad. but i want to avoid from raising my voice to them. so before i start to yell. i left and gone smoking.

now im so mad. i dunno why.

pls la. tidur awal salah.tidur lambat salah.takyah tidur la macam ni. okay?


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  1. hahahahaha....cool beb...aku pown gituw seh..lagy la..celik2 mate tgahari kot....sbb sume org da g kejer...tgal aku sbagai raja yg budus...yg taw tido...tido...tido....n skip my kluz again n again...ngehehehe....