Sunday, February 21, 2010

Rest time

im doing my so banyak assignments :( walaupun bukan esok nak kena hantar. but buat je la since malam ni got nothing to do.

owh damn. tonight will be the last night of freedom. but im not going out. haha :) next week will be my super busy week :(

i love going to campus. but i hate to do the assignments.

actually i just feel like writing tapi tak tau nak cerita apa. but today i went and main bola padang at UM. rinddduuuuuuuu . it was fun tho. im going to start and play again since i think my knee is slowly recovering. still sakit. but boleh tahan dah.

okay. sambung buat keje now. later . daaa :)tengok kucing tu. besar nak mams and cute. macam bear !



  1. OMG! kucing tu mcm nak kena panggang. terlalu comel

  2. kan kan .sangat sangat comel dan besar. :) tidur macam manusia. :)