Wednesday, December 23, 2009


hello people.

i was out the whole day today. keluar rumah from 3 plus and got back home at 3 am plus plus jugak . damn! letih super letih.but it was fun. jumpa ramai orang. takboleh kira dgn jari. haha.**gile tipu.

i was in shah alam. and damansara and shah alam balik and damansara last sekali.

i met syahir and musya sekali. duduk story moly dekat rasta for like 3 hours macam tu. together with Aj and Ice. :) fun and fun.itu dia!

and to You!

a reaally BIG thank you for you! i really love ur art work. so cute.and so manisss macam madu lebah asli! grr~ the 1st one u gave me before this, ada lagi dalam my car sampai sekarang .

i know its hard for us to see each others after this because u will continue with ur study and im gonna start my degree soon. :( i want u to take care and behave yea.

she gave me this <3>a heart shape badge and carkey kechain :) my nick name! :)check this out. my car plate number. :) WJE28.


chocolate cake too :) gossh.saya suka :) kawan saya pun suka! tq!

pelik,time aku dah plan hari aku macam hari ni la,ramai gile nak jumpa and ajak lepak sampai tak boleh layan semua.time aku bosan takde pulak orang -_-


i cant believe im saying this,i miss jengka. :(


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