Sunday, December 13, 2009


okay this is my 3rd time here.tido at 7am plus,bangun pukul 9 30.pecah gile baiiiiiii*ayat budak SP*

fetched atif and straight away went to naqi's house and met rin kat situ. naqi's mom cooked for us mee hoon goreng udang together with currypuff,plus shida brought mashed potato. :)

save duit makan. :) tolak pukul 12 sampai chamang macam one hour and a half after driving.

kiteorang mandi for 5 hours berenang la,terapung la,terjun2 la. :) it was great. plan mengejut made by Naqi a nite before .
mummy and daddy
yeahhh, just 5 of us.tapi macam 15 orang. we laughed like no one else business!
thanx to ATIF for these 2 pictures.nice editing! ure a great photographer!

been busy with activities lately.bestt <3


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