Saturday, December 12, 2009

stolen moment.haha

oh damn,i saw this pic from asyraf's page aka kicap!

damn old skool.takde la old skool sangat kan.2 years back last year.

all i can say is,im missing this moment man. pusing pusing KL berlumba dengan kereta kuat syafiq Skyline GTR putra 1.8 hehe :) peace syafiq. :) went to Mailis makan lepak minum,ghost hunting,got chased by the Police,kena tangkap la,kena siasat la. all those moments time nakal nakal will be in my mind forever.ghadafi now working as chef in four season resort,syafiq b busy with his automotive school,dominic forever busyy with his car (lumba sana sini) the only chinese in this group,nas pablo busy with his practical,kicap kejap ada kejap takde,adie busy with his weed. haha,indera who rarely go out anymore. ouch,i miss u guys man! dats all i can say if u guys might read this.


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