Sunday, December 06, 2009

Hakim's sister wedding

yeah again yesternight, haha ada such word ke yesternight? okay la.malam semalam im the chosen one to go to hakim's sister wedding at Dewan Perdana Felda.

well,wedding apa lagi yang best?

maakanan dia la :) plus the young ladies :P

and i met this gurl which is my friend who are actually hakim relativees. what a small world.she's my friend's bestfriend.


hakim giving speech to his sister :) comel gile speech dia. one of the line is " to kak ija,pls produce ur baby faster because i cant wait to be an uncle" okay the whole dewan gelak :PpPmelayu :)
rakan rakan hakim panda :)pengantin lelaki dan perempuan :)
camwhore yes we are

after that we went to damai for after party session. haha after party la sangat :)
then i went to hartamas met my other friends.
keluar je keje aku!


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