Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hakim's sister wedding again.

another tiring day today.

went for the wedding at shah alam.
went to curve after that with em.
we played bowling.

at the wedding TTP.whats dat? find out yourself

thanx to hakim for the invitation.and to jamboo,shaham,arriz,effendi,pet,kiki,yaya,and qila for the times u guys spent with me :) too many activities we've done together since 2003 i guess.eventho all of us we are from diff school but yes,u guys are my besties too.luckily u guys stay near by my house so dat i can see all of u everyday. and yeah , bowling was awesome. :) u guys pleassee,jangan KGB sangat boleh tak? :) peace!


this is how KD rolls :)

chamang waterfall here ill come tom !


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