Friday, September 11, 2009

aku belah hatiku menjadi dua

i was alone in the house all day long!
super bosann!
i wanted to go out but damn no one asked me out except for sabri and ajmal.
both ajak me to watch movie but lastly they canceled due to some reasons.
and now im stuck in here again.its not dat i hate home,but i just feel bored alone doing nothing without talking to anyone one whole day!

but now im going out.luckily reyzo called me and asked me to teman him to bazaar :)
yeah,rather than doing nothing kan? boleh cuci mata :P

last nite,i went to ajmal's place after midnight.spent at his house till 5 in the morning.we were having this heart to heart session.i know sounds damn gay but we were just talking to each other. :/ i just wanna say,i miss that because its been a while since the last time we did dat! haha.

i went and met hakim panda at rasta bfore dat! dude! i miss u la dude! remember those days when we used to have terrible life together? haha.

met quite alot of people last nite.oh yea! went for buka puasa with friends at hartamas square! thanx to ajmal for the invitation.haha and thanx to myra and abol because they came early to book the place.maybe without them we will be eating on the floor because they are 30 of us!
thanx thanx again very muchh much!

i dun have a proper plan today and tonite.but i feel like going to terawih balik because tonight will be the last 10 days of ramadhan.lailatul qadar will be on one of these trying not to skip.but knowing me myself,mesti ada skip punya.haha :)

disamping itu,

saturday,maybe going to raimi's at nite.i wanna meet syafiq bakhtiar!! he promised me to introduce baizura to me.haha.*baizura teman wanita dia* .kau dah couple dah break dah couple balik dah pun aku tak kenal kenal lagi awek kau! huhu.


omg ! i wanna meet alot of people before raya! syed muhammad muaz! jannah jaafar sidek,zafirah saufi,hafify,annisa, bnyk la.aku rasa aku nak jumpa semua kawan kawan aku! tapi mmg tak sempat! byk nye lagi :( kawan kawan kajang! dah byk kali call tapi aku busy,soorry korang! aku takde time nak curi lagi! kawan shah alam! ,kawan kawan kl. hilmi mokhti!! asal kau pindah jauh sangat sampai ke rawang dari sg buloh!. kang susah! aduyaii. mmg kalau nak jumpa semua kawan takkan boleh. tunggu open house kay! :P

aku nak buat special macam 2007 hari tu :)

btw,for yaney andria:so sweet la sista! :) i tau u dah ada tinggal puasa! haha. :)

current song: be on you by florida feat ne yo!

p/s:aku nak update sebab aku bosan duduk rumah.kawan kawan datang la rumah aku. .bye!


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