Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hold nothing back

Hello October

another 3 months to go before 2009 end.Anyway i hope for brighter days for this month.*Finger Crossed*Basically last month full of ups and downs.One of the downs is my one and only grandmother past away about a week ago.* I love you tok ma*,my cousin met into accident,and few more things lazy to write and running out of sorry.and the Ups? let me just keep to myself .haha

well,akupun tak tahu asal aku nyer graph bahagia macam turun naik.kadang kadang i can say im quite happy with my current life tapi kadang kadang aku pikir dgn aku rasa lain.tak synchronise*betul ke ejaan tu? lantak la! ada bunyi sama cukup* ha.i can say dat im not happy sometimes but im happy at ke? macam lain je bunyi.arghh ignore that.muka macam biskut oreo susu cicah milo tapi hati macam ikan pekasam dalam bekas plastik.korang paham tak perumpaan tu? korang pikir la sendiri.Assalamualaikum.

Goodbye September

kay later guys,i need to shower.going to class soon.class starts at 8 but now its 8.11 am.haha.late!

owh,you again.i wanna stop the heartbeat from calling your name but i wont be able to do it.


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