Friday, May 01, 2009

Praaaapppp :)

I dont know why lately, im so into this band called melody club. im addicted to all their songs. walaupun si penyanyi utama ni menari agak pelik tapi dia style! Muka pun macam hantu bedak.haha. aku noticed setiap kali nak keluar aku dgr lagu diaorg kat laptop,balik b4 tido dgr lagu diaorg .dalam kereta pun lagu diaorg.haha. thanx to achong and jannah.they are the one who introduced me to this band few months back. this two songs are really nice! electric and baby by them!

Melody Club is a swedish pop/synth rock band from Vaxjo formed in January 2000. Their break-through came in 2002 with the song Palace Station, which was also big in Germany.

The band has frequent radio airplay in Sweden, Germany, Japan, Norway and Denmark.

Their style can be described as a blend of Synthpop and Glam Rock.

The single Fever Fever appears in the EA Sports videogame FIFA 08.

I will post the video soon!

later then.


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