Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Biography of Blink 182

Mark was born on March 15, 1972, in California. When he was 14. his parents divorced and he went to live with his dad in Washington.His dad gave him his first bass and amp when he was 15, in return for helping to paint his house. He origionally wanted to be a highschool english teacher. Mark has the least number of tatoos/piercings in the band, with just a nipple ring and his left ear pierced. He used to smoke, but doesn't anymore.

Tom was born on December 13, 1975, in San Diego. Ever since he was young, he has believed that aliens exist. He got a computer solely for the purpose of looking up internet sites about aliens. While he was growing up, Tom was used to hard work. He spent time working on a construction site, and also at Gary's Chicken and Ribbs in his hometown, Poway. He appeared in the movie Idle Hngs as a fast food employee, and got to say 1 line.

Travis was born on November 14, 1975. He has been playing the drums ever since he was young, and got his first drum set as a young boy. He is a highly skilled drummer, and has played in a wide variety of bands before joining blink. He was previously with the ska band, 'the aquabats', where he played under the name 'Travis Baron von Tito'. He has tatoos and piecings all over his body, which have a lot of meaning to him.

blink 182.
im so into this band since i was 10 years old.


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