Thursday, June 25, 2009

Megan Fox is a MAN?

Megan Fox was born as Mitchell Reed Fox ??
shit the lifee.

this is how she used to a normal human being
now she is fake....haha and i don't think she is that pretty to be honest...

wateva it is, if she was a guy then the docs must have done a good job on fixing him.

read this SHEMALE



  1. eiyyy seriously she was male?? yaa, the docs really done a good job.. mesti lelaki2 yg pernah "dreaming" of her rasa nak muntah sekarang nie..

  2. hahaha. agak la. terus rasa geli.
    yuckss. haha

    tapi dia too pretty plak to be a guy.

    so i think khabar angin je.haha
    biar la mana mana.! :)