Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sila gagah kan diri anda

tis one week will be a disaster to me like seriously,

  • have to study for my shortcourse exam like less than a week*its math,and i have to cover up to 9 chapters!*
  • i have to submit all my assignments before this coming friday which is on the 19th June.
  • i think dats all.haha. but still gonna be a really hardcore week for me to go through beside there's sumthing will happen this week and it will totally turns my mood from an angel to devil. MPMS "male period mood swing" is coming. sorry kamil,u will be the first victim because ure my housemate.haha.

i hate tis week and i hate hypocrites here. :)

mood:i want to jump from the top of the building! but i duwan to die.haha