Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My addiction

Gossip Girl

Miss Serena Van Der Woodsen
Sizzzlingg hott!
asal sedap sangat nihhh? :.


Silver and Adrianna
Both are hot and pretty.
i lovee

seriously these 2 series makes me wanna lala~

cerita dua ni sangat addictive.i just wanna share dat doesnt mean series like this are meant for girls only.Walaupun title agak keperempuanan tapi isi cerita tidak sama sekali.Jangan terkejut if u start watching em,u will spend hours a day to watch the episodes.because i did that,haha.u will tend to know what will happen in the next episode after u've done with the previous,im waiting for the new season to start.! cant wait.


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