Saturday, June 06, 2009

what i did for 3 days.

  • seharian online tanpa berbuat aapa,online,study,sleeepp,sleep agaiin ,online ada repeat buat benda sama.
  • at nite went to jerantut for dinner with friends,sebab dah bosan makan dekat jengka.

  • day time i was at jengka in the morning then ciao straight to kl after class.i went to sabak steamboat in wangsa maju for our family was nice ,why nice? because the whole family members are there including my 2nd sista who are married and she's staying in kemaman,terengganu with her husband.makanan dia? i think biasa la. rate 7/10.haha.tempat dia style,cuma im not into steamboat sgt.ahah. its been so long we didnt makan together outside.i really miss this and enjoyed the night. i will post some pictures later.:P
  • after wangsa maju,i went to damansara jaya to fetch a friend of mine*aqmil*.we went to barsonic zouk since,our friend atif he wanted us to be yeah.we went eventhough aku ingat aku akan bosan.but not this time,luckily!.i entered the barsonic door and i looked around.f*cking pack! but i managed to go infront of the stage.the band was awesome.all their songs are freaking good and nice.! they called themselves as "the standards" from uk and thailand.singer and guitarist,they are british while,bassist,drummer, and keyboardist they are from thailand :) later,we went to nz to lepak minum with basil,sarah goh,fatin and few more i dah tak kenal ;P haha. balik after that
  • now,im at my room updating this post.but soon im going to swensen with aqmil and rin at ss2.
  • after that,we will go to kota damansara and planning to play with some kites .haha.
  • so malam maybe gym or stay at home :) will update later.

pictures later kay.
im running out of time.huhu


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  1. huhuuuu~~u r goin to playing kite huh..njoi ur time btw..ngee